Why are we doing this?
More and more of the world around us is driven by computer programs. Software is in our houses, offices, phones, cars, factories, cities and so on. When you ride a bus, there is software helping the driver stay on track and on time. When you ride the elevator, the software controls it. One day soon perhaps software will control the bus without the driver, just like it already controls the elevator without a human operator.
Computer programs are moving things around us, they talk and listen to us and to other programs. Perhaps it all seems like magic to you. It should! It is magical. We are creating living things by uttering words in an arcane languages. At Software Garden we want to show you how it’s done.
We won’t make you a professional software developer - that takes months to years of education and experience. But you don’t have to be a professional novelist to read and write. Perhaps you work with IT professionals or considering becoming one. Perhaps you want to help your kids to learn programming. Maybe you just want to learn something about the world. Come, sit with us and see the world through the eyes of 21st century wizards (a friendly kind).
You can ask us about the available dates!